Fostering employee retention

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  • HR managers, HR Business Partners, HR assistants, HR consultants.
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Strategies for keeping employees committed and motivated over the long term.

What does the term “retention” bring to mind? How do you implement a policy that fosters retention in an organization? How do you promote employee retention, which is an essential factor in retaining promising talent? Adopting a strategy to retain employees is crucial for companies today.

Training objectives


Understand what questions you need to ask in order to define a retention policy and create an appropriate strategy.


Learn how to ensure that retention efforts continue beyond the recruiting process.


Learn how to keep employees involved and engaged in their assignments and roles.


Identify what processes and tools can be used to promote retention.


Identify what the essential steps are for supporting retention.


Understand the link between employer branding and retention.

Teaching approach

  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Practical exercises

Training content

  • The steps for defining a retention policy.
  • What comes after the hire?
  • The link between retention and employer branding.
  • Involvement and commitment.
  • Tools and techniques for promoting retention.

    Note: Shorter, targeted training on specific topics can be arranged.

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