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  • This training is for internal trainers and instructors, managers and leaders who are often called on to do training, advisers or instructors associated with an educational institution, for professors and teachers. In short, it’s for anyone interested in sharing their area of expertise with a group in a compelling way
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  • 2 days

Creating a teaching process and managing a training session.

How do you ensure that acquired knowledge will endure? How do you harness attention and foster positive emotions during training? In the Train-the-Trainer session, the elements of a good training program will be studied in detail: preparation, adult learning processes, teaching techniques, group dynamics, and of training, developing your own teaching style.

Training objectives


Learn how to design, give and evaluate a training training.


Learn the importance of conveying information with empathy


Learn how to manage group dynamics to optimize impact and interest.

Teaching approach

  • The training emphasizes practice and exchanges of personal experience between the trainer and participants. As a final project, you will provide to the class a 20-minute training session in your area of expertise, which you will have prepared outside of class.

Training content

  • Fundamentals of teaching adults.
  • The needs of adult learners.
  • The different learning and teaching styles according to the model developed by Feuillette-Cunningham.
  • Group dynamics in a learning environment.
  • Managing difficult situations in the classroom.
  • Storytelling principles for clarity and impact.
  • Creating a structure for your training session.
  • Different types of training materials and the role of the Internet.
  • The learner’s biorhythm.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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