Organizational design consultancy

Structuring your organizational models to support your strategy.

Why is a modern organizational design necessary for your organization?

  • Well done! Your strategy is now properly defined. But is your business capable of supporting this strategy? Do your operating procedures correspond to the defined mission? Are your governance principles clear?
  • The organizational model of an organization is the structure that facilitates the development of collective and individual behaviors. The organizational model is intended to support the implementation of the strategy. Organizational design ensures that you have the right people, the right resource plan and the right skills to achieve your goals, and that all those involved communicate effectively.
  • Markets change and the structure of your organization needs to change too. In this fast-moving world, organizational methods and decision-making procedures can quickly become obsolete. How do you know that your organizational design needs to be reviewed? Because the structure has become rigid, complex and demotivating for the teams. Because little ‘islands’ have emerged and communication is suffering. Because cross-cutting and multi-skill projects are not succeeding. Defining better adapted governance methods is necessary!
  • We ensure that your business model and operating procedures power the transformation of your organization, resulting in faster decision-making, teams that know who is doing what, and ensuring that you have the right people in the right places.
Modern organizational design

How to adopt an effective organizational design?

There is no silver bullet. Our consultants will help you to define ways of working in your organization, that will lead to success. The following areas will be addressed:


Decision-making systems and managerial practices that unite people around a shared objective. We propose organizational “wiring” systems that make the interconnections and decision nodes between services legible. The rules of good governance will then be easier to understand and easier to apply. For example, how are levels of authority, tasks and coordination responsibilities formally distributed?


Roles and responsabilities: Our organizational design consultants propose a redefinition of departments with flow models that explain which teams do what and how they work together. In other words, how are the ‘bodies’ that make up an organization structured to meet the objectives of the strategy?


Our Talent Management team can then help you develop a resource plan — are you appointing the right people to key positions? It may indeed be necessary to seek expertise and skills from elsewhere and to recruit.

Discover our Talent Management solutions


Organizational models: what opportunities are there for shared services, economies of scale, offshoring and outsourcing? We can provide insight into different organizational designs.

While there is no magic formula, there are proven ways to modernize your structure to improve your organization’s results through organizational design. We don’t have a preconceived matrix to offer you: every organization has different needs, and the right model must balance everything: leadership, corporate culture, role descriptions and work group dynamics. Discover for example our business case in organizational design.

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