(re)Organization Design

  • Advisory

The key challenges to be addressed by the project are as follows:


Strategic reasons for doing the project? Why did it matter? Context or business problem?

  • Better respond to specific customer needs (from different segments)
  • Be able to better handle anticipated market trends
  • Capitalize more efficiently on internal technical and methodological expertise
  • Identify which expertise (and activities) to internalize vs. external partnerships.
  • Enable career development paths around management positions and technical know-how


  • 50 employees

  • High tech


  • Organisational

  • Design


1 consultant


A few weeks



To foster its anticipated growth and enable its target market positioning, the company needed to rethink its organization and key governance principles.

This new organization will have to enable a more strategic management and efficient allocation of the company’s internal expertise and talents.



The project aims to align Lambda-X’s strategic orientations with the day-to-day / operational reality of each of its business lines.


Then to clarify the key responsibilities and formalize the resulting macro-processes.


A satisfying solution thanks to our approach

Assess the level of strategic orientation and maturity of the different métiers of Lambda-X, to identify which one can be capitalized and which ones should be reinforced or externalized
Analyze synergies vs. specificities (or global vs. local management) for each step of the Lambda-x value chain, in order to identify which expertise can be centralized in dedicated competence centers, and which ones are specific to markets/customers
Design the target organization around Business Lines (based on targeted market, to reinforce the proximity with the customers) and Competences Centers (based on transversal technical expertise)
Map the necessary role and expertise on the target organization and identify the potential competence gaps and need for governance guidelines


A serie of substancial benefits

  • Enhanced Customer Intimacy: reinforcement of the customer intimacy thanks to the structuration of the organization based on target markets (vs. product), around specific Business Lines fully responsible end-to-end of the order/project lifecycle – which fully support the corporate strategy ;
  • Enhanced Operational Performance: More efficient allocation and use of the internal expertise, through transversal competence centers activated as supplier to address the technical specificities of each project ;
  • Clarified Career Perspectives: Better valuation of the different roles being part of the target organization, offering motivating career perspectives at all levels

Don’t take it from us.
Hear from our client.

Having observed a large number of suppliers and consultants in the field, I can only congratulate Progress Consulting for the services provided at Tihange (Antoine Battaglia, HR Partner, Engie Electrabel)

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