In-company coaching:

Jointly create results and success through business coaching.

Today’s world is very demanding and constantly changing. It is an environment conducive to tension, major stress, imbalances in both professional and interpersonal relationships, which all have negative impacts on efficiency, productivity and motivation in the workplace.

We are all capable of self-examination. So why wait for problems to turn into harmful negatives where you have to deal with the consequences in terms of burnout, demotivation, turnover, absenteeism, etc. To be successful, it is essential to pay attention to your own well-being and that of your employees. In other words, the job of a business coach consists of helping the customer maximize his/her potential in order to sustainably optimize personal growth resulting in more autonomy, more awareness and taking more responsibility.

Strategie Talent Acquisition

Through business coaching, we aim to accelerate your success based on the resources and potential that already exist within you. Coaching in companies addresses major issues that lead the “coachee” to self-discovery and a powerful process of introspection in order to fulfil their ambitions and desires. Investing in employees’ mental capital of means creating powerful and sustainable levers in terms of behavior, communication, kindliness and talents.

Let’s create and build transformations together!

Our coaching process helps people to achieve their professional and personal goals more smoothly and quickly than without the intervention of a certified coach. Some examples of situations where business coaching can be a lever to help you to:

  • develop more effective leadership
  • develop more committment
  • find work/life balance
  • prepare to take on a new role in the organization and a team
  • better define your boundaries
  • face an important challenge (ambitious objective, etc.)
  • develop specific skills, such as communication, presentation, delegating, team management, performance management, time management, etc.
  • take your career in a new direction or simply examine your current situation
  • prevent burn-out
  • etc.

In practical terms, how does coaching in a company work?

  • The process of business coaching starts with a personal interview to assess the client’s objectives, to become aware of the way he/she approaches the complex situation(s), and to describe the form that the coaching support can take. This interview also creates an opportunity to establish whether there is an affinity between the coach and the potential client who will become the “coachee”.
  • Then, a three-way meeting is arranged with the coach, the coachee and his/her line manager in order to formalize the objectives and the result indicators.
  • Coaching sessions (usually two hours) can then begin either in person or remotely. Their duration is agreed in advance based on the objectives that have been defined. Between each business coaching session, the coachee may be asked to perform actions that will help him/her achieve the objectives. In some cases, the certified coach will provide additional resources (relevant articles, models, etc.) to support the coachee’s thought processes and actions.
  • A wrap-up meeting is organized with the coachee and his/her line manager in order to take stock and validate that the objectives and indicators have been achieved.


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