Digital Learning Studio

Your e-learning production studio

What is a Digital Studio in e-learning?

  • E-learning is increasingly used for in-company training. While you know what content is going to be on your e-learning platform, perhaps you don’t have the expertise to produce the actual e-learning modules? Are you looking for a Digital Learning expert to digitalize your training courses?
  • An external e-learning expert will help you design and produce your training modules. We have all the necessary resources to guarantee the success of your online training! Our design and production team will bring your content to life and transform it into fun lively online learning experiences.
Digital Studio e-learning

How can our Digital Studio help you?

Our Digital Learning experts offer you an “à la carte” menu We can take care of the operational design of your e-learning modules from A to Z or just part of them — it’s up to you.


Creation of e-learning concepts

Based on a well-established digital learning strategy (see our digital learning consulting services), we create the pedagogical architecture, the common thread or concept, the scenarios, storyboards, content, prototypes, user tests, etc.


Producing training videos

We can transform your usual content into modern dynamic audio-visual formats! Multimedia production, computer graphics, dynamic presentations, motion design, actors, translations, green-screen filming, editing, production and post-production and integrating your training videos into the LMS platform of your choice. We have designed our e-learning modules to be available on our Progress e-Academy and also in SCORM format so they can be integrated into our clients’ platforms


E-learning gamification

In our Digital Learning Studio, we use games to make your e-learning content more attractive. Points/badges/levels, digital escape games, quizzes, puzzles, missions and much more — edutainment boosts the pleasure and effectiveness of learning!



Communication and branding to promote and ensure the appeal of your e-learning platforms

Based on your graphic charter and visual identity, we create the visual identity of the communication platform dedicated to your e-learning (logo, mascot, characters and tools customized for your business, tone-of-voice, visuals, communication media …)

Looking for additional e-learning modules “on the shelf”? We also have content in SCORM format in our Progress e-Academy.

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