Cultural transformation consulting

Transforming your corporate culture is often an untapped source of differentiation.

Why is it important to have just one corporate culture?

  • A corporate culture is a set of unwritten rules, habits and behaviors shared by all team members within an organization. In many companies, especially in the beginning, it is created spontaneously. Over time this corporate culture may die out. There may also be a difference between what was defined and how people actually behave; this dissonance often leads to a loss of motivation and efficiency.
  • Corporate culture has a significant impact on performance and motivation. Business leaders often ask us what are the keys to employee motivation and commitment or how they can create a specific atmosphere or mindset. If you can only ‘feel’ an organization’s culture rather than actually ‘see’ it, how can you create a strong organizational culture? Do you also have the impression that the attitude of certain team members no longer tallies with your expectations? A defeatist mindset, lack of initiative, rigidity in the application of processes, a gap between what happens on the premises and among management, etc.
  • A unique and motivating corporate culture is an underestimated competitive advantage! It helps you keep your team members motivated and recruit talent more easily thanks to a clear DNA and strong values. Younger generations are particularly sensitive to the feeling of belonging to the corporate culture.
Generation Y

How to transform the culture of your organization?

Do you want a different corporate culture but have no idea how to start? Our consultants approach organizational culture transformation like any other project. They will guide you step by step towards your ideal corporate culture, which is the result of a clear strategy and a good dose of intuition about what makes your organization unique.


A structured approach that starts with a socio-organizational diagnosis — what is your DNA? What is your shared history? This phase is carried out with your team members, i.e. involving them from the outset in the creation of an organizational culture that resembles them and makes sense to them.


Then, we work on the values, pillars of your corporate culture and how to make these values tangible on a daily basis. We do this by looking at management styles, governance and transparency, rituals, premises, team cohesion, know-how, knowledge management, recruitment processes, employer branding, working hours, etc.


Our culture consultants use easy-to-understand tools inspired by eminent sociologists and psychologists. This includes the world-renowned 8-level model by Clare W. Graves (1914-1986). This allows us to offer you a structured, easy-to-understand approach to a complex problem, such as the feeling of belonging to a corporate culture.


Our cultural transformation experts also have change management skills to ensure that the new target culture takes root. We support your teams to bring the corporate culture to life, e.g. by providing training on new attitudes that improve performance

A question?

Each organization, each context, each culture is unique! Contact RĂ©gis Collette, founding partner at Progress Consulting, for a diagnosis of your corporate culture. Without judgment, RĂ©gis combines diagnostic tools and a structured approach with a real sense of observation and finesse in analysis.

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