Soft skills training in companies

Soft skills training in companies is essential to face the new challenges of a changing world, such as demotivated teams, resistance to change, lack of employee commitment, multiple departures, upskilling, reskilling, etc. — a host of challenges that must be addressed quickly.

How can I provide soft skills training in my company?

Organizing development courses and soft skills training in companies: this will help to increase the motivation and well-being of teams, and develop new expertise so that your employees feel good in their jobs and in their themselves.Our soft skills training and development programmes bring about lasting behavioral change, and increase the level of commitment of each individual.

Training catalogue

We have a completely redesigned training catalogue with a wealth of new programs that can be adapted and tailored to suit your needs. It contains outstanding corporate soft skills training courses classified into different categories: Management & Leadership, Personal Effectiveness & Productivity, Personal Development & Well-Being, Sales & Negotiation, Change Management, Creativity, Communication, Team Building, and many others.

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Why choose our soft skills training courses

  • More than 400 satisfied clients, 3,500 courses/year, 25 trainers and coaches
  • Little theory with 70% of the time spent on practical exercises.
  • Blended learning via our LMS platform, video clips and interactive digital tools used during the training.
  • Short formats (two-hour workshop focusing on a specific skill) and long formats (from one to several days depending on the topic and the needs).
  • We wrap up each training session with an individual action plan. Result? Measurable changes after the training!
  • Inspirational materials shared with participants


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What are the different formats of soft skills training in companies?

Who is intra-company soft skills training intended for?

If you want to train a team or several employees at the same time, we offer tailor-made soft skills training courses tailored to your company culture and in line with your organizational challenges.

Who is inter-company soft skills training intended for?

If you want to train one or more of your employees on various topics, this format is for you! These sessions are organized throughout the year based on a pre-defined schedule. Their advantage? To encourage people to meet others from different backgrounds. Check our agenda!

Who is soft-skills training intended for?

If one of your employees would like to learn about a particular topic, we can support them by designing an individual course. The trainer, who is often a certified coach, customizes his/her soft skills training programme taking into account specific needs, contexts, experiences and challenges. The aim is to offer a tailor-made training program with measurable results on the ground.

We also develop tailor-made training paths that promote your corporate culture and that address your organizational challenges.

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