Managing and leading your team remotely

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Course designed for

  • HR and management who want to structure a remote-collaboration approach
  • All team leaders who are affected by remote or hybrid working
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Course length

  • Between half a day for people already trained in team management tools and 4 days (in which case the program will include the tools in the manager’s toolbox)
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How do you integrate remote management into your team management practices?

For two years now, working in remote or hybrid mode has been accelerating in the context we all know. The business world will never completely turn back the clock. Remote working will move from a cyclical to a structural mode of collaboration. However, it has and will have a definite impact on the feeling of belonging, on motivation and on work efficiency. This program has been built up over the course of the many events that Progress Consulting has organised to support managers in implementing remote working in teams.

We can help both from a “process” point of view with implementation support and guidance and from a behavioral point of view.



Maintain team spirit

and a sense of belonging despite the distancing


Make remote working a tool that serves the goals of the team leader and the organization


Foster well-being at work

in hybrid and remote modes


  • Collaborative workshops
  • Feedback from our trainers who have been training and coaching remotely for 2 years
  • Practical exercises in remote mode


  • The team leader faced with remote working: dealing with priorities: what level of trust? what level of autonomy? what role to play? what con- cerns require managing?
  • Structural impact of working remotely: man- agement activities to address in order to remain effective. “The agenda of the team leader in remote or hybrid mode”
  • Managing different types of temperament remotely. Introversion, extroversion: the remote mode exacerbates them
  • How do you maintain team spirit remotely? Remote collaborative tasks: tools, organization, behaviors to adapt and adopt
  • Difficult cases to manage remotely: conflict situations, detecting psycho-scientific risk signals, disengagement, workaholism, etc.
  • Concrete action plan in the participant’s area of influence

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