The art of persuasion

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who has to convince a client, a partner, a colleague, a prospect, etc.
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  • 2 days

Techniques for effective persuasion at work.

Do you find it difficult to win over your boss, your employees or your partners? We offer you a training to explore interpersonal communication keys to improve your persuasiveness and your negotiation skills.

Trainings objectives


Learn how to find the right arguments.

What are the different ways to build a successful argument?


What is pull or push persuasion?


Learn how to persuade through “style”.

Convince through non-verbal communication, through charisma, etc.


Learn how to convince without putting forward arguments.

Understand the power of empathy, listening and reformulation.


How do you determine the most appropriate strategy for each person you deal with?


How to convince people in times of change?


How to convince people in difficult negotiation


Teaching approach

  • Progressive practical exercises.
  • Simple and effective preparation method.
  • Building the participant’s confidence.
  • Filmed exercises.

Training content

  • Workshop : the better you know yourself, the better you can convince people.
  • Learn to identify the way people work.
  • Communication tool: relational intelligence.
  • Implementing persuasion strategies adapted to each situation.
  • The key criteria for convincing someone difficult.
  • Introduction to the concept of active listening.
  • Choosing the best method to convince according to the situation: by argumentation, non-verbal communication, active listening, etc.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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