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  • Anyone who wants to improve their listening and reaction skills.
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  • 1 day

Develop your listening and empathy skills.

Empathy consists in knowing how to “put yourself in the place of the other person”, to be open to his or her needs and feelings. How can you behave empathetically and practice empathy? How can you practice active listening? “Speaking truthfully” without attacking the other person. This training in active listening will help you to become flexible and react by adapting to the other person. For smooth and efficient working relationships!

Training objectives

By the end of the training, participants will be able to take part in projects using active listening:


Develop the ability to communicate assertively.


Analyze cooperative practices in projects.


Develop an action plan for improvement.

Teaching approach

  • Video and situation analysis, role playing.
  • Fun quizzes to explore how skilled you really are at active listening.

Training content

  • Differences between sympathy, empathy, compassion, etc.
  • Communication filters.
  • The traps: judgments, distortions, generalizations, etc.
  • Representations, beliefs, values, prejudices.
  • The pyramid and the different degrees of active listening.
  • Reformulating: principles and techniques.
  • Empathy: principles and techniques.
  • Training to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  • Using assertiveness to fit into a project.
  • The different modes of communication: aggressiveness, assertiveness, manipulation, submission.
  • Communicating effectively in a difficult situation.
  • Communicating a difficult message.
  • Finding the right distance.

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