Drafting an action plan

Training designed for

  • Any who is interested.
  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers.


  • 1⁄2 to 1 day
  • On-site follow-up and coaching available for implementation.

How to implement your action plan successfully.

If you’re going to manage a project, then you need an action plan.

A key element of management processes, the action plan is the interface between the diagnostic and implementation stages. A few tips for creating an effective action plan, no matter what kind of project you’re doing!

Training objectives


Write an action plan consistent with the strategy and values of your company.


Understand and analyze a strategy and its elements.

Teaching approach

  • Participants leave the training with an action plan for project in an area they would like to address (improvement, consolidation, innovation, etc.).

Training content

  • Different types of goals and how to set them.
  • The link between goals and action plans.
  • How do you create a SMART goal?
  • Using performance indicators.
  • How to ensure your goals reflect your company values.
  • How to find the necessary means.
  • How to determine the time necessary toachieve a goal.
  • How to evaluate the actions taken?
  • The mid-point evaluation.

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