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  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers.
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Increase cooperation within your team.

To build a group, trust is the essential ingredient. Without it, a group of people cannot be called a “team”. Trust is something that can be built and sustained! So how do you build trust with your col- leagues? What are the ingredients for harmonious relationships at work?

Training objectives

At the end of the training, participants will be able to develop confidence through the following actions:



information by asking effective questions.


Communicating better

and understanding each other.


Working together in a spirit of effective co-operation.

Teaching approach

  • Training adapted to remote and/or multicultural teams.
  • A team coaching approach.
  • Concrete results to implement.
  • A mix of reflective activities and collaborative games.
  • Simulations and training help participants experience the phenomena related to team cohesion and facilitate the transposition to real situations.

Training content

  •  The trust equation.
  • Creating intimacy (even at a distance).
  • Using clear and transparent language to be seen as trustworthy.
  • Active listening, rephrasing, and empathy: necessary practices for good communication.
  • Asking the right questions to communicate well: mirror questions, leading questions, etc.
  • Respect and mutual aid: what does it take?
  • The pitfalls of the ego.
  • Behaviors that promote cooperation.
  • Basic principles of assertiveness.
  • Working on complex communication situations with all your colleagues.

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