Tapping into your creativity

Training designed for

  • Any who are interested.
  • Operational personnel interested in solving problems or marketing communications / R&D professionals interested in coming up with new concepts.


  • 1 to 2 days

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”


The idea that some people use their “left brain” and others their “right” is a myth. Each of us can develop our creativity at work and become more creative as professionals but also in our private lives! I

t’s an ability that can be enhanced, like any other. How do you come up with lots of original ideas in a short time? How do you train your brain to break out of its routines?

Training objectives


Understand your own creative profile and learn how to foster creativity in others.


Overcome unconscious mechanisms in our brains that hinder creativity.


Define the 2 creative brainstorming techniques that focus on specific issues.


Practice techniques that encourage creativity in a group setting.

Training approach

  • Learn the rules of the game, practical tools and tips and tricks in this interactive workshop. Bring your own project and you’ll leave with a plan!

Training content

  • Games to get your creative juices flowing and improving your lateral thinking.
  • Questionnaire to determine your innate creative style.
  • Beliefs that limit your creativity.
  • How to frame the question.
  • Diagnostic tools for framing, and reformulating a problem and defining an outcome.
  • Creative inspiration techniques. Examples: Reverse engineering, tarot cards, challenging assumptions, etc.
  • Creative association techniques: Mind mapping, discovery matrix, etc.

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