Decoding and improving your non-verbal communication

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their communication skills and have a greater impact on others.

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  • 1 day

Sharpen your communication by taking into account body language and voice.

We are constantly communicating through three sets of behaviors: words, body language and voice. Each component combines with the others and allows us to identify ways to gain influence and clarity in our interactions.

Training objectives


Decode and work on non-verbal communication.


Learn how to pay attention to non-verbal communication to better understand the other person.

Teaching approach

  • Slideshows, scenarios, exercises: decoding of photos and films, filmed work on your own non-verbal communication.
  • Successive role plays: making non-verbal communication effective in meetings, interviews, etc.
  • Use of concrete situations suggested by the participants.


Training content

  • The notion of territoriality
  • Areas of interaction
  • Posture
  • Gestures: illustrative, emblematic, manipulative
  • Facial expressions and the seven universal emotions
  • What changes on the telephone, in videoconferencing, under a mask
  • The impact of baseline, cluster analysis and context
  • Congruence, synchronization
  • The six voice tools: operation and scope of each of them
  • Action plan

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