Conducting performance / career development evaluations

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  • Operational personnel, including team leaders.
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  • 1 day

How do you perform an evaluation in a constructive way and ensure it has an impact on the employee’s performance?

Performing the annual performance review is a challenging task. You have to choose the right indi- cators to paint an accurate picture of what was done, to set ambitious, yet motivating goals, and to present the information in a way that favors dialogue.

Training objectives

This training teaches you to turn a performance evaluation into a powerful tool for managing employees and getting them involved.

Teaching approach

  • Alternating between theory, demonstration performance, and practical application through numerous individual or group exercises.
  • Exercises, case studies, and case-oriented activities throughout this training.

Training content

  • What are the evaluation tools and methods needed for a performance review?
  • Discussion of participants’ evaluation techniques (standards, indicators, etc.).
  • Evaluation tools to facilitate the performance review.
  • Understanding the management benefit of goal-setting.
  • Rules for devising and setting goals (SMART model, accountability, etc.).
  • How do you successfully prepare for a performance review?
  • How to successfully conduct a performance review.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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