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Training designed for

  • 6 participants max.
  • Any person, sporty or not, wishing to reach their goals and explore/fulfil their potential.
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  • 1 day or 4 sessions of 2 hours.
  • Group sessions are accompanied by two hours of one-to-one mental coaching.

Unlock your inner potential.

Mental coaching is a discipline in its own right. This one-day training session will introduce you to some of the keys and secrets of the great sportsmen and women, which will help you better manage tension and tap into your potential.


Training objectives


Understand your deepest motivations.


Acquire routines to prepare yourself mentally to achieve your goals.


Become familiar with visualization techniques to help you learn.


At the end of the training,

you will have a simple and effective method to be your own mental coach and gain confidence.

Teaching approach

  • Certified trainer in mental coaching for athletes.
  • Questionnaire to identify your deepest motivations, personal application, sharing best practices when applying mental coaching techniques to the business world.
  • The experience is dynamic and interactive

Training content

  • Individual coaching based on clear objectives written by the participants (visualization, motivation scale, routine, etc.).
  • Exploration of your deepest motivations to gain positive energy.
  • Creation of routines adapted to your objectives and directly applicable.
  • Visualization for your results.
  • Motivating your team using mental coaching tools.

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