Energize and motivate a team

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Training designed for

  • Operational personnel, including team leaders.
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  • 2 to 3 days

Mentoring and motivating a team around a common goal.

How can you motivate your team by means other than salary? How do you mentor a group and transform it into a team united by a shared vision? This training will give you what you need to boost the performance of your team.

Training objectives


Learn how to go from group to team.


Learn how to adapt your leadership style to different personalities on your team.


Learn how to formalize team objectives.


Learn how to communicate guidelines and make clear presentations.


Learn how to find out what motivates your team.


Learn how to foster accountability among employees through delegation.


Understand how to manage challenging behavior.

Teaching approach

  • Case study: The growth of a team and the role of its leader in achieving this growth.
  • Role plays: Delegating responsibility to employees.

Training content

    • The 5 stages of team building.
    • Factors contributing to team cohesion.
    • Group dynamics: energizing a group.
    • The four pillars of autonomy.
    • Adapting your leadership style.
    • Asserting your authority in a difficult situation.
    • From autonomy to accountability.
    • Delegating: A useful tool, but not with everyone.
    • Monitoring employee work: guidelines and approaches.

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