Handling your emotions

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who wants to develop or strengthen their social and emotional intelligence.
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  • 1 to 2 days

Improve your wellbeing and the quality of your interactions through proper management of your emotions.

Feeling happy, angry, sad, anxious, surprised, disgusted, joyful and so on, from time to time, is part of everyday normalcy. When our affective states (emotions, feelings, moods) escape our vigilance, reach others and cause damage, we all suffer the consequences. This training aims to develop our emotional wisdom so that it contributes to a caring and non-complacent environment. An inside track to results!

Training objectives


Become aware of your emotions and name them.


Learn how to channel emotional energy.


Manage interactions

with others using emotional intelligence tools.

Teaching approach

  • Content sharing
  • Role playing
  • Individual and breakout group work
  • Self-assessment questionnaire (optional)
  • Videos

Training content

  • Goleman’s model: 4 elements and 12 skills.
  • Universal emotions: triggers, roles, effects.
  • Some social emotions: triggers, roles, effects. + Automatic thoughts.
  • Self-esteem – Self-confidence.
  • Channeling one’s anger – Dealing with the anger of others.
  • Negative internal voice – Pygmalion effect – Halo effect.
  • Techniques of not listening.
  • Active listening – Empathy.
  • Principles of influence.
  • Action plan.

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