Negotiation skills

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Training designed for

  • Anyone involved in the sales process, conflict resolution, sharing of limited resources or value creation.
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  • 2 days

How to carry out negotiations that end in
profitable, lasting agreements?

What are the steps of a successful negotiation? How do you get a price down? How do you make a negotiation plan? How do you find a win-win solution? This training is intended for professionals interested in increasing their ability to negotiate and persuade. This training covers an effective,proven method for achieving successful negotiations in sales as well as inside an organization.

Training objectives


Effective preparation: context, technique and mindset.


Learn how to conduct a discovery interview consistent with your purpose.


Define an initial offer and respond to those of others.


Apply the principles of concession and compensation.


Arrive at an agreement or agree to disagree.

Teaching approach

  • Toolkit, templates, outlines
  • Video illustrating concepts
  • Role plays with observers and debriefing
  • Exploration of real-life experiences of participants

Training content

  • The 4 stages of the negotiation process, what goes on during negotiation, and tools that can be used at each stage.
  • The main communication vectors used: questioning, listening, reformulation, argumentation, handling objections.
  • The fundamental concepts: objects, subjects, aspiration point, resistance point, anchor, margin of maneuver, zone of possible agreement, best alternative (BATNA).
  • Preparation tables and how to complete them.
  • The first offer: anchoring, framing, recency, primacy, contrast.
  • The different types of first offers: Creating them and reacting to those of others.
  • Rules for making concessions.
  • Major competitive tactics.

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