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Training designed for

  • Supervisors, shop managers, engineers, and more.

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  • 2 to 3 days

Boost team performance through a graphical display of their achievements.

Visual management facilitates performance by displaying achievements in graphical form, thus keeping employees in sync and organized around shared goals. Visual management, a Lean Management tool, is also an effective continuous improvement approach for teams that lack indicators or reliable, relevant monitoring. This couse will give you the tools you need to start using visual management tailored to your goals (safety, quality, cost, etc.).

Training objectives


Understand the importance of a Visual Management approach.


Choose the right tools

based on what you want them to accomplish.


Fully understand facilitation methods

to engage employees during briefings and create a genuinely supportive, participatory dynamic.

Teaching approach

  • Implementing a visual management plan for a specific problem area. On-site implementation guidance and support (min. 1 day per project) is necessary.

Training content

  •  What is Visual Management? Differences with other existing practices (Kaizen, 5S, etc.).
  • The 10 Golden Rules of visual management.
  • Fundamentals of visual communication: appeal, legibility, clarity, etc.).
  • Choosing and defining indicators, types of displays, etc.
  • Techniques for facilitating and directing team meetings.
  • The SQCDP (Safety Quality Cost Delivery People) toolkit
  •  Fundamentals of change management and human dynamics.
  • What next? How to launch, grow and manage

    the project.

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