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Training designed for

  • Anyone who is likely to give remote presentations.

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How do you give effective presentations, even remotely?

The COVID crisis has forced us to multiply the number of remote presentations. How can we ensure that these presentations are adapted to the audience and that the key messages are clear? This is what we propose to consider in this course.

Training objectives


Prepare the presentation

(target audience; key messages, etc.).


Maintain the attention of the participants

despite the distance.


Maintenir l’attention des participants

Malgré la distance


Ensure that the objectives determined

at the beginning of the presentation can be achieved.

Teaching method

  • Tips and tricks for virtual presentations
  • Presentation exercises with group debriefings

Training content

  • Preparing a presentation
    • 5 questions to ask yourself
  • 5 conditions to convince with your presentation

    • Your image:
      • Non-verbal
      • Microphone, screen, connection, background
    • The personal approach:
      • Mental attitude
      • Hook
    •  Simplicity:
      • Minto Pyramid
      •  Structure
      • Slides
    • Format:
      • Key messages: vocabulary
    • Finishing the presentation:
      • Action plan and key messages
    • Follow-up on a presentation : actions

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