Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion policy

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Training designed for

  • HR managers, HR Business Partners, HR assistants, HR consultants.
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  • 1/2 to 3 days, depending on topics covered

Explore all the characteristics of a diversity and inclusion policy.

Every organization needs to take into account its employees’ different identities, approaches, cultures, and attitudes towards work. How do you put in place a policy that fosters diversity and inclusion? What is the connection between diversity and inclusion? How do you put together such a policy in today’s workplace?

Training objectives


Come up with a shared definition.


Learn how to address diversity and inclusion at every level of the company.


Learn how to handle the different biases and stereotypes.


Learn how to put in place a wellbeing -performance -motivation model


Understand how to participate in the development of inclusion models and HR strategy integrating diversity management.


Implementing the Diversity and Inclusion policy within the organization.

Teaching approach

  • A self-assessment questionnaire to identify where you are and how to define your priorities.
  • Case-oriented activities, simulations, role plays throughout the training to facilitate the transition.

Training content

  • Identity in the workplace.
  • Intercultural management.
  • Creating a policy that is appropriate for your organization.
  • The methodology / process of information collection.

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