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Training designed for

  • Operational personnel accompanied by their management.
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  • 4 days
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Developing a positive attitude towards change and a better understanding of it:

economic and strategic issues related to change, as well as employees’ relationship with change.

The world is changing, and the changes come faster every day. An organization’s ability to handle change ensures its survival. In this context, the attitudes and abilities of middle management play a crucial role, but that is rarely enough. A committed and effective middle manager with a team that is “resistant to change” can easily become discouraged and have trouble supporting the organization’s projects. The goal of the BOOST Program (formerly “business and change”) is to foster a positive attitude towards change among “operational” personnel (laborers, employees, etc.). This is achieved by helping them better understand the economic and strategic issues related to change, as well as their own relationship with change

Training objectives


Understand the organization’s mission and values,

and be able to map out the necessary steps at their level to accomplish them.


Become equipped to give feedback and to apply relevant information

to a collaborative effort to find ways to facilitate change.


Learn how to restore meaning to their work through real (internal and external) customer focus and tools such as empathic interviews, the customer-experience journey.


Understand, in your area of influence, your own relationship with change

so you can adopt a proactive attitude in order to accomplish the goals.


By the end of this program, you will have concrete action plans

that will make it easier for all involved to implement changes in the organization.

Teaching approach

  • Practical and directly applicable
  • Participatory, exercises, fun
  • Trainers with hands-on experience
  • Tailored to your specific areas of interest

Training content

  • Customized to meet your needs
  • A unique opportunity to start a constructive dialogue among management, senior leadership and operational personnel.
  • An exhilarating program that places employees at the heart of the approach and gives them recognition.
  • An opportunity to learn about yourself, which participants do not usually get in training programs.
  • An appealing training support scheme
  • A real impact on the climate and culture of your organization.

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