Managing your time and priorities

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who is interested.
  • From administrative staff to senior management: sales execs, department heads, specialized professionals, and account managers.
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  • 2 days

Methods for increasing efficiency.

Are you overwhelmed with so many tasks that you don’t know where to start? Your time is precious! Then you really need to make better use of your time at work, so you can easily meet your dead- lines and avoid working overtime. Do you want your to-do list to be your ally instead of your enemy? What’s the most efficient way to keep your paper and electronic documents organized? We cover these and many more practical questions during this training. Register for “Managing your time and priorities” and eliminate productivity drains.

Training objectives


Learn the importance of prioritizing.


Learn how to plan daily activities.


Learn how to get organized to be a better team member and achieve your long-term goals.


Acquire a better understanding of our relationship with time.

Teaching approach

  •  Individual online questionnaire to determine your relationship with time.
  • Examples of to-do lists and priority management matrices to download.
  • Most of the training will comprise practical activities and exercises.
  • Interaction among participants.

Training content

  • Getting organized to achieve your goals: managing emergencies and other situations.
  • The Eisenhower Matrixes: prioritizing what’s urgent and important.
  • The major laws of time management: Carlson, Pareto, Parkinson
  • Biorhythm for managing your energy throughout the day.
  • Impediments to time management.
  • 10 time-intensive situations and how to deal with them: personal time management tools.
  • Communicating about your schedule, learning to say “no.”
  • Implementing a personal action plan to reclaim 2 hours each day.

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