Strategic management

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Training designed for

  • Senior management in companies of any size
  • Business Unit and Operations directors
  • People in support functions who want a better understanding of the strategic side of business


  • 4 afternoons, two weeks apart

Creating a truly collective project is an opportunity for
external differentiation and internal cohesion.

How do you put together a collective project? What are the priority targets? In what way does it differentiate the company? How do you turn it into an opportunity to foster internal cohesion and discipline? How do you implement it? How do you finance it? How do you monitor its implementation and success?

Training objectives

Learn to create and implement a strategic roadmap by responding to 6 key questions:


Where are we right now, what are the key characteristics of our sector of activity, and what does the competition look like?


What is/should be/will be our coverage of the strategic segments of our sector?


Learn how we create a lasting competitive advantage in the segments we chose to cover.


Learn how to structure and organize ourselves to implement the chosen strategy.


How are we doing today?


How do we get from who we are to who we want to be?

Teaching approach

  • Case studies and readings, analyses of external cases and of select cases suggested by participants.

Training content

  • Where are we right now?
  • The value chain, strategic segmentation, Porter’s forces, key success factors.
  • Choosing a segmentation strategy.
  • Synergies among segments, force field analysis, coverage priorities.
  • Building a competitive advantage.
  • Sources of differentiation, their degree of durability, corporate culture, identity and difference.
  • Structuring for implementation.
  • Strategic finances, strategy and organization, culture and culture change.
  • How are we doing today?
  • Intensity of the change, readiness to change.
  • How do you change?
  • The Progress Consulting frame of reference for change management.

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