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Drawing on neuroscience to increase sales effectiveness.

Our brains, which are lazy by nature, tend to respond to stimuli in a partially predictable way and to use mental shortcuts. What if a better understanding of this tendency allowed us to optimize our powers of persuasion, while still respecting sales ethics and integrity? What is a successful sale? How can you be persuasive and exert influence in a respectful way? This training will enable sales professionals to prefect their selling techniques.

Training objectives


Understand how influence, manipulation and biases function

during customer meetings and in-person or phone sales.


Learn how to enhance your sales techniques with new ideas.


Understand (and apply) how the 6 principles of influence and heuristics work.


Explore ethics in relation to the values of the companies we represent and those of the companies we are targeting.

Teaching approach

  • Cases studies and role plays

Training content

  • The 2 paths of sales persuasion and when to use them.
  • The 6 universal principles of influence.
  • Major cognitive biases and their effects during customer meetings.
  • Presentation: The 4 categories of manipulation to avoid.
  • Frequent selfish manipulations and their applications.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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