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Training designed for

  • Anyone who is required to speak in public.
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  • 2 days

Learn how to prepare for public speaking and convince your audience.

This training is intended for anyone who is required to speak publicly in front of a client or internally. Over the training of the day, you will learn how to overcome the stress that public speaking can generate. Non-verbal language is a key element in making a presentation that leaves an impact. That is why, during the day, we will give you the theoretical bases and practical advice to control your stress and your non-verbal language.

Training objectives


Learn how to prepare and present yourself during a public speaking session.


Learn to introduce yourself in 1 minute.


Understand and assimilate the 5 golden rules of public speaking.


Charm the audience and, above all, convince them!


Control stress and non-verbal language.

Teaching approach

  • Throughout this training, real exercises, filmed and analyzed, help everyone become aware of the personal and/or technical mechanisms involved in good oral communication:`
  1. Diction, public reading
  2. “Letting go”
  3. Techniques for capturing the audience’s attention, “surprise effects”

Training content

  • Warm-up exercises, voice toning.
  • Decoding non-verbal language and the golden rules to fully understand it.
  • Techniques to control stress.
  • Refine your approach to be well prepared.
  • Create your sales pitch: present yourself in 1 minute.
  • Role-playing: controlling question and answer sessions.
  • Presentation exercises: fully understanding all aspects of speaking on stage.

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