Change management

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Training designed for

  • Project managers in the position of getting others to accept change.
  • Managers in charge of an organizational change project.
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  • 1 to 3 days + on-site support

Providing support and succeeding at change management: Principles of Change Management.

As a manager, daily change is a given. This is a normal phenomenon in the life of a company and when it’s going through transformation. Depending on the cause, the timing and your own personality, managing change may be more or less challenging for you. The goal of this training is to provide you with a toolkit comprising of the best change management techniques to help you successfully manage the transformation process.

Training objectives


Evaluate the scope, depth, durability and gains of a project or change strategy.


Learn how to facilitate a project.


Demonstrate exceptional personal commitment to achieving change objectives.


Learn how to manage resistance to change.

Teaching approach

  • Sharing experiences and exchanges around participant experiences.
  • Case studies and practical exercises in managing the human element of change.
  • Small-group work and/or simulations around practical topics.

Training content

  • Understanding individual behaviors in the face of change.
  • Change in the context of key concepts (areas of influence, change management cycle, etc.)
  • The different types of change.
  • The ADKAR® tool.
  • Mapping out the issues and analyzing impact.
  • Managing emotional and rational resistance.
  • Monitoring the completion of tasks and objectives by employees.
  • Identifying indicators for tracking progress.
  • Communicating about change.
  • The communication plan.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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