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Virtual Reality as a tool for team building.

The brain allows us to learn and understand in order to better adapt, and yet we limit its use. This team building training and workshop provides answers to the “why” of our reactions during interactions. Understanding these elements allows teams to adapt flexibly to new situations with a different sort of intelligence. In this training, participants will discover, with the help of neuroscience, how their brain works.

Training objectives



team cohesion.


Assimilate collective and adaptive intelligence.


Increase knowledge of self and others through creative activities.


Identify the human complexities within the team and the resources that exist for its smooth running.


Learn to appreciate small victories and big successes together and to digest setbacks and failures.


Create a positive atmosphere and encourage the pleasure of being together to anchor interpersonal relationships and foster professional relationships.

Teaching approach

  • The theory is applied in interactive escape room and virtual reality workshops for a unique experience.

Training content

  • Introduction and presentation of activities.
  • Escape room session.
  • Debriefing after the escape room.
  • Theory.
  • Virtual reality session.
  • Virtual reality debriefing.
  • Final debriefing and conclusions.
  • Celebratory drink.

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