Managing stress

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to control stress.
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  • 1 to 2 days

Improve your emotional control.

Through our training, explore the keys to avoid and manage stress on a daily basis. Understand the mechanisms and sources of stress and learn how to calmly deal with the situations that generate it. Lastly, tame your stress to make it an ally in your personal and professional development.

Training objectives


Understand the mechanism of stress.


Understand what the sources of stress are

and discover how to overcome them.


Develop your own stress management

strategy and find remedies to deal with it.


Improve control of emotions in stressful situations.


Mobilize individual resources.


Learn relaxation and breathing techniques.

Teaching approach

  • Debate–discussion.
  • Sharing real-life situations.
  • Breakout sessions on change.
  • Quiz on preconceived ideas about stress.
  • Assertiveness exercises as part of dealing with others.

Training content

  • Stress: elements of a definition.
  • Discovering the causes of stress in everyday life.
  • A stressor at work: change.
  • How can you manage stress in relation to change? How can you guide and advise your employees in times of change? How can you reduce the stress caused by change?
  • Stress: how it works and its consequences.
  • Individual management and stress management strategies.
  • Managing relationships with others.

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