Design Thinking

Training designed for

  • Anyone in charge of a project, innovation manager, product/service development project manager, R&D manager, marketing and sales manager, etc.


  • 2 days of training in bootcamp mode to try out the method everyone is talking about, in a small group, in a space conducive to creativity.

Try out the method of innovative companies!

More than ever, each company is trying to innovate and stay relevant to its customers. Taking into account the user experience and creative dynamics are no longer reserved only for designers, they are available to everyone! Design Thinking is a method centered on the individual and the group. It is the ideal approach to innovation because it is carried out for and with the users. If you feel lost among all these concepts, and you want to try Design Thinking out, this training is for you!

Training objectives


Learn the basics of the Design Thinking method step by step.


Try out the process as a group.


Understand and apply the Design Thinking methodology in business.


Practice creativity as a team.


Integrate the fundamentals of the facilitator’s mindset.

Teaching approach

  • Practical application of the method.
  • Work on concrete tools directly applicable after the training.
  • “Fun“

Training content

  •  Introduction to Design Thinking (origins, keys to success, obstacles, etc.).
  • Creation of a typical customer thanks to the Persona tools.
  • Customer Empathy Map and User Journey Maps.
  • Explore the Ishikawa or Mind Mapping tools.
  • Sales pitching exercises to sell a project.
  • 2 brainstorming tools to generate ideas and 2 tools to summarize ideas.
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) design exercise.
  • Various prototypes.
  • Collecting user feedback.
  • Tool: discussion guide on asking better power questions to challenge ideas.
  • Develop your action plan on how to apply the principles of Design Thinking.

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