Effortless prospecting

Progress Consulting Public

Training designed for

  • Anyone whose duties include prospecting.
Progress Consulting Clock


  • 2 days

Training objectives

Through highly interactive exercises, this operational training provides the keys to improving your effectiveness in phone sales.

Teaching approach

  • Exercises based on participants’ real-world examples, self-assessments, simulated exchanges, training in how to schedule meetings, and recorded role plays.
  • Creating a prospecting plan.

Training content

  • Presentation of the fundamentals of prospecting.
  • Exercise: Making assumptions.
  • Workshop: Preparing a pitch.
  • Overview of available prospecting tools for different targets.
  • Creating your prospecting plan using different channels and mediums.
  • How to organize your prospecting time.
  • Scheduling prospect meetings more effectively.
  • Knowing how to communicate in networking situations.
  • Using social media and social selling for prospecting.
  • Acing a prospect meeting by video conference.
  • The first 20 words and gestures in an initial prospect meeting.
  • Implementing a personal action plan.

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