Progress Consulting is a partner of Experconnect in Belgium!

Only 19% of employers have put measures in place to prevent the loss of skills held by baby boomers (Lindegren, 2015). Are you among those who have not considered this scenario?



With its Talent Management team, Progress Consulting has been helping you for 25 years to put the right person in the right place in your organization.

What is the danger when someone retires?

What happens when that person approaches the legal retirement age? What happens when that person actually retires?

The company loses its know-how, its knowledge, its interpersonal skills…

How to keep the link with these “knowers”, those who represent the cognitive heritage of the company & to recycle the intelligence, the knowledge, the expertise of the people who are pre-retired / retired, these people who still want to remain active and value their unique expertise?

What if post-retirement collaboration was possible?

We start from a visionary idea which is to set up a model of post-retirement collaboration by constituting a pool of retired senior experts to accompany companies on an ad hoc basis, regardless of the business, on the technical and managerial levels, or for support.

The objective is to allow access to this knowledge, and to preserve access to knowledge, memory, competence and to put experience back on the market.

Who is ExperConnect?

The name behind this solution is Experconnect, powered by Progress Consulting.

Experconnect has been working since 2005 in all types of sectors – and more specifically in sectors with long production cycles – and with very specific skills, preserving knowledge can be an important competitive advantage. This is particularly true in the energy, automotive, transportation, infrastructure, petrochemical and nuclear sectors.

We are very proud to announce that Progress Consulting is the exclusive partner for the deployment of ExperConnect solutions for senior citizens and companies in Belgium!

Next to our historical solutions in training, knowledge transfer strategy and succession planning, mentoring programs between juniors and seniors, we are adding a new way to help you meet your strategic challenges.

Partenaire de Experconnect

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