‘Smart’ Business Process Modelling

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The project aims to make EVS continuously evolve towards an even more process-oriented and agile organization


Strategic reasons for doing the project? Why did it matter? Context or business problem?

In the context of the replacement of their current, end-of-life ERP system by a new one better supporting its growth ambitions, EVS identified the crucial need to describe and optimize their end-to-end process flows, from Prospection to Service Delivery.

Beside helping determine the target requirements for the new system, this project would also aim to progressively improve all transversal ways of working between the Sales, Operational and Support teams.


  • 600+ people

  • 20+ global offices


  • Consultance

  • Process Optimization


2 consultants


A few weeks



Implementing a centralized & standardized management of business processes

(incl. a clear determination of the target roles and responsibilities)


Setting up an efficient governance framework

for continuous improvement and fast adaptability


Changing the mindsets moving toward a process-oriented organization

focused on optimization and performance


A satisfying solution thanks to our approach

Progress Consulting’s ‘Smart’ BPM approach is based on a proven, pragmatic and agile method enabling visible and valuable results in a very short period of time. Working together with internal EVS experts on their respective perimeter, the approach is made of 4 main steps :

Co-construct the (to-be) process flows and their (target) governance – and clearly identify the changes vs. today’s ways of working
Align with key stakeholders on overall coherence to progressively build the end-to-end perspective
Test the target process and governance within a pilot team and define the deployment approach
Deploy, monitor, support and adjust where necessary


A serie of substancial benefits

  • Objective and detailed determination of new ERP system requirements
  • Higher adaptability to new customer demands ​
  • Better control of operational costs​
  • Improved operational efficiency​ within and between EVS departments
  • Proactive identification of impacts on cross-functional processes​
  • Facilitated integrations in case of potential future acquisitions
  • Readiness for a potential future ISO certification​

Don’t take it from us.
Hear from our client.

Simple, practical, and concrete… few concepts, lots of action, and a posture closer to “band of brothers” than to the gurus of the new paradigms (Eric Thouvenel, Director of the Paris Centre Region, KPMG Entreprises)

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