Integrating attitudes into recruitment and training

  • Talent Management
  • Training


Context of the problem

  • Like many businesses, this leading Belgian industrial company was struggling to recruit talent.
  • For technical professions (which are experiencing severe recruitment shortages), the market is so stretched that companies need to be open-minded and get creative if they want to find good potential candidates. But it’s not only technical skills that have to be considered, also attitude and behavior. But how do you assess them? How do you integrate them into the onboarding process? How can they help you hire promising profiles who will then be integrated into a training program? What defines a “creative” or “solution-oriented” person, for example?


  • 800-1000 personnes

  • Secteur industriel


  • Formation

  • Talent Management


1 consultant


3 mois



Difficulties in assessing attitudinal criteria

  • e.g. interpersonal skills, cooperation, commercial attitude, etc.

Onboarding mindset

  • Technical onboarding is relatively easy to set up for newcomers, make sure the existing employees will ‘breathe’ the corporate culture?


A satisfactory solution thanks to our innovative approach

Diagnosing key attitudes and soft skills
Creating an attitude screening tool for recruiters, featuring multi-criteria observation tables, behavioral analysis, interpretation of verbal and non-verbal reactions, situational interviews, etc.
Training HR staff on cognitive biases that might hamper the recruitment of profiles that are seen as atypical for the role
Possible use of an artificial intelligence tool to quickly screen a large pool of candidates
Creating an onboarding module that takes into account both technical and attitude shortcomings
Supporting the creation of a "technical academy" offering training courses, digital tools for monitoring the acquisition of skills, teaching methods for easy assimilation of skills, etc.


The benefits?

  • Recruiters trained in verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Roles filled within a few weeks
  • Use of cutting-edge tools
  • Links with Progress Consulting Learning & Development teams who can then seamlessly take over the training or help create an academy and onboarding pathway that suits our client needs

Don’t take it from us.
Hear from our client.

Thanks to the training videos designed by Progress Consulting, new recruits to Sibelga quickly understood what our jobs entail and how the Sibelga teams work together

 Tara Vandenbraden
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