How to learn a job that is not taught in any school

  • Talent Management
  • Training

In addition to technical skills, new human skills are becoming crucial, such as customer orientation, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, etc.


Project context

  • There are no telecoms schools in Belgium, and operators and subcontractors have to train on the job.
  • There was a need to centralize the disparate training efforts within departments, in order to streamline onboarding and training journeys.
  • In the context of technical professions, which are in short supply, new human skills are becoming crucial, including customer orientation, creativity, collaboration, flexibility, etc.


  • 200-350 personnes


  • Formation

  • Talent management

  • Digital learning


1 digital expert, 1 talent manager, 1 trainer


9 mois



A training catalogue to be adapted

The classic training catalogue sometimes lacked relevance with regard to the changing challenges faced by the teams


A commitment to re-energise

In the context of the merger between the entities, how can new development perspectives for staff be thought inculcated? How can staff be motivated for a function or team project?


A changing audience

Onboardings and collaborations that take place remotely/multi-site, younger generations with increased expectations, employees who do not always speak English well, etc.


Selecting a pilot function
Diagnosing needs via interviews and on-the-job observations
Analyzing what already exists, as well as knowledge/soft skills/missing skills
Creating journeys (in theory and also concretely in a network centre in Wallonia)
Giving advice on the choice of the LMS platform hosting the training courses
Training courses on digital learning tools (digital pedagogy, educational videos, etc.)
Launching a new training catalogue better adapted to employees' strategic challenges and expectations: digital workshops, e-learning platform, intervision sessions, coaching, team training, interdepartmental training, greater choice of well-being themes (stress management, train the trainer, developing your network, managing your time in a hybrid working environment, etc.) and efficiency (basics of change management, project management, mastery of digital collaborative tools, etc.)


The benefits?

  • List of priorities for the 2022-2023 training catalogue
  • Methodology for creating journeys by function (which can be replicated internally)
  • A training centre with a unique network in Europe
  • Linking L&D actions to actual needs on the job
  • Mix of online and face-to-face tools
  • Mix of long (four days)and short(three-hour workshop) formats

Don’t take it from us.
Hear from our client.

We particularly appreciate Progress Consulting’s in-depth knowledge of our business sector as well as their analysis and consulting skills, which go beyond simple training or coaching services. Their training courses obtain very high satisfaction rates from the participants. (Frédérique Deblock, Training Manager, Crédit Agricole Luxembourg)

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