Christelle Fraiteur

Certified trainer and coach

An electromechanical engineer with a passion for neuroscience, Christelle Fraiteur is fascinated by human behavior and team dynamics, and initiates the development of emotional intelligence.

As a musician since her childhood, she finds her inspiration in the orchestras and music groups she is part of, on themes such as leadership, non-verbal language, roles and responsibilities in teams,…


  • ANC Neuro Practitioner
  • ICF Certified PCC Coach @Nova Terra Coaching School
  • Process Communication Practitioner PCM Model
  • Insights Discovery Practitioner


  • Coaching
  • Développement personnel
  • Emotional intelligence
  • gamification and virtual reality
  • Gamification et réalité virtuelle
  • Managing aggression and conflict
  • Styles sociaux 
  • Team coaching
  • Teambuilding


  • Dutch
  • French