Writing meeting minutes

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Training designed for

  • Anyone who is interested.
  • Operational personnel, including team leaders and managers.
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  • ½ to 1 day

Clear, effective minutes.

Meeting minutes are among the most widely distributed internal communication tools in organizations and institutions. However, the people responsible for writing them often find it very difficult and are not sure which “model” to follow.

Training objectives


Learn how to write effective meeting minutes.


Learn how to distinguish between the essential and the incidental.


Learn how to read between the lines of what is said in meetings.


Learn how to take notes in a tense and difficult setting.

Teaching approach

  • Case studies and writing exercises.
  • Digital tools for live note-taking.

Training content

  • When do you (or don’t you) write meeting minutes?
  • Characteristics and structure of minutes.
  • Objectives of minutes.
  • Identifying the subject or situation.
  • Identifying the issues.
  • Tips and tricks for taking notes.
  • Choosing your phrasing and words.
  • Presentation: Organizing the document for highest impact.
  • Digital tools for live note-taking.

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