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Training designed for

  • Operational personnel, including team leaders.

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  • 1 day of individual coaching.

Guidelines for assigning tasks to employees, empowering them, and saving time.

Effectively delegating saves you time, but it also empowers employees, fosters their professional growth, strengthens their skills, and offers a them a path towards independence.
This training will help you implement solid, effective delegation techniques and create conditions that foster the empowerment of your employees.


Learn how to delegate and improve your dele- gation practices.


Learn what kinds of tasks you can delegat.

Organize and planning activities so you can focus on high-priority work.


Learn how to empower an employee.


Learn how to appropriately monitor and make adjustments to work performed by employees.


Why you should delegate authority to an employee. Why you should delegate tasks.

Teaching approach

  • Conceptual inputs.
  • Exercises to explore the different stages of the approach.
  • Practical exercises, case studies.
  • Preparation and simulation of a delegation situation.

Training content

  • What is delegating and how do you do it effectively?
  • Why delegate?
  • How to delegate and distribute tasks to ensure a win-win situation.
  • Why is it hard to delegate? Why are we afraid to delegate?
  • What’s the connection between delegation and leadership?
  • What are the advantages of delegating?
  • What are the reasons for delegating?
  • What kinds of tasks can you delegate?
  • Clearly define the responsibilities, roles and authority of employees.
  • Give constructive feedback.
  • Implement a personal action plan.

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