Brainstorming techniques and facilitation

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Training designed for

  • Anyone interested.
  • From team leaders, project managers to communication / marketing / sales / R&D profiles, and more.
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  • 1 to 2 days

Maximize your employees’ potential.

The myth of the isolated genius is over. Has it been replaced by a constant presence of so-called brainstorming meetings, where post-its are king? Find out the best practices of the most innovative groups, and which brainstorming processes can lead your team to action. This training covers both facilitating behaviors and the techniques and tools to use.

Training objectives


Facilitate a group and lead it to generate a maximum of possible solutions.


Help a group transform their ideas into action.

Teaching approach

  • Several key models tested through brainstorming sessions throughout the day. Possibility of coaching and feedback on brainstorming sessions in your office.

Training content

  • Differentiate between innovation, design thinking and creativity.
  • Conditions for the emergence of collective intelligence.
  • The rules of collective intelligence according to Émile Servan-Schreiber.
  • Starting a brainstorming session: Alex Osborn’s CPS.
  • Checklist techniques.
  • Ensuring creative dynamics when running a session.
  • Brainstorming techniques: Lotus Blossom, Challenging Assumptions, and more.
  • World Café, Brainwalking, and more.
  • Edward de Bono’s hats.
  • Practice the art of safe and stimulating questioning.
  • Making ideas converge and selecting ideas: the COCD Box.
  • The test period.
  • Digital brainstorming tools: Mural, Wooclap, and more.

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